Cancellation Policy

You are allowed to cancel your BTC Cash Pay Account any time before signing any deal / contract with any other BTC Cash Pay User. After you make any contract as freelancer or for any other deal with any BTC Cash Pay user, you are not allowed to delete your account until the completion of the Contract/deal. If you still want to delete your account you must cancel your all deals or contracts. Only after the confirmation with other party with which you have made the contract/deal your account will be deleted automatically by our system.

You Must Consider this before deleting your Account:

a.You must not have any remaining Balance in your Wallet,

b.You must not have any payment for any contract/deal.

c.You must delete all your deals / ads registered with BTC Cash Pay.

d.If You have staked any digital coins with us, you must withdraw it first.

Contact Us

If you have any questions on how to return your item to us, contact us.